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Blogroll Dive: 12/18/06

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

  • Bonnie discovered an online version of the classic Mac game, Glider PRO.
  • Jim published a few Microsoft Word alternatives to use until Microsoft releases a patch for Word’s current security vulnerabilities.
  • Joen shared some “do’s and don’ts” that he learned while working with design.
  • And, Sarah briefly discussed “the Curse of Pachelbel’s Canon”.

Favored Freeware: Flip4Mac WMV Player Components

Flip4Mac’s WMV Player Components allow you to play Windows Media in QuickTime Player and your web browser. In fact, you can play Windows Media in almost any application that supports QuickTime. With Flip4Mac, you don’t have to pass up any high-definition movies or Windows Media files you find on the Web. You have more viewing options and the great playback experience you’ve come to rely on with QuickTime Player.

Pros: Flip4Mac’s WMV Player Components offer a continually developed solution for viewing Windows Media files on a Mac without the need for the outdated and discontinued Microsoft Windows Media Player for Mac.

Cons: None significant.

Humor Nostalgia Video

I.M.P.S. – The Relentless

Did you enjoy watching TROOPS? Then you’re bound to enjoy the first chapter of its indirect sequel, Black Sheep Productions’ I.M.P.S. – The Relentless, a grand-scale documentary about the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps.

Comics Nostalgia Review

Review: Transformers / G.I. Joe

Transformers / G.I. Joe is not just another Transformers and G.I. Joe crossover, but rather a dark and war-torn recreation of the Transformers and G.I. Joe universes in tandem by writer John Ney Rieber and artist Jae Lee. In the twentieth century’s darkest year, a world at war will find itself caught in the middle of a titanic alien conflict that has lain dormant for the last four million years.