Until iPods Fly

Not too long again (IMO), Apple made a plethora of almost unexpected announcements. We have the new iPod Photo, the Special Edition U2 iPod, the availability of the iTunes Music Store in several additional European countries, and (of course) updates to both QuickTime and iTunes. Enjoy!

Films By Sandy Collora

Let me just start by saying that Sandy Collora is a genius and it’s a pity that no major studios have hired him as a director yet. Since we’re all probably eagerly awaiting the release of a new Batman film, which will hopefully be better than the last two, I thought you would enjoy two short films by Sandy Collora, which feature the Dark Knight. Enjoy the short film, Batman: Dead End, and the fan-trailer, World’s Finest.

The Typical End of a Pop Career

Ok, so this isn’t very tech-related at all, but it’s still hilarious. Many people have told me how disgusted they are with the rumors that Pop signer Ashlee Simpson lip-syncs her performances to a pre-recorded track (she pretends to be singing, but what you hear is a pre-recorded track). Well, her career may have ended last night on Saturday Night Live as it became apparent that yes, Ms. Simpson does lip-sync her performances (or at least this one). Of course, what do you do when something like this happens? You distract attention from THE FACT THAT YOU’VE BEEN NEARLY LYING ALL ALONG and blame your band.


Welcome all viewers, new and old! As you may have guessed, this is now my new blog and part of the project to free-up resources for the mothership. I would like to thank you all for continuing to be the kind, generous, and helpful viewers that you have always been. Stick around, this place is sure to get more updates than the old one. I’m enjoying just the sheer fun of tinkering with all of this.

New Permalinks

Yes, we now have a new, user-friendly permalink structure. Rather than the articles being located at macmanx.com/id=102485, they are now at macmanx.com/archives/year/month/day/title/. And of course, the feed URLs had to change as well. But that’s no problem. The new feed at /feed/ is actually the same thing as wp-rss2.php, so you don’t have to worry about changing your subscription info. Thank you for going through this journey of customization with me. Your comments, blog-based and email-based, have been more than welcome and very helpful. You’ll be glad to know that I think I’m finally done.

Favored Freeware: FreeSnap

FreeSnap is a powerful, easy to use and free screen capture utility. Needless to say, if Grab or Shift-Cmd-3 or 4 works fine for you, you don’t need FreeSnap. For those who do, FreeSnap features unique, advanced and powerful tools for taking screen captures–or automating them. Featuring AppleScriptability, scaling, 10 different formats, global key combos, a completely invisible version and more, FreeSnap is the most powerful free screen capture tool for Mac OS X today.

Pros: Simple GUI, several screen capture options, several file format options, timer feature, resource-friendly.

Cons: Development has fallen behind and shows no sign of continuation.

Favored Freeware Roundup

You may have noticed that my first Favored Freeware post, which features freeware from the alphabetically organized column on the right, started with FireFox. That’s because I had all ready begun this tradition on another blog. Now, I bring you those freeware spotlights you may have missed. Continue reading to learn about Adium X (multiple IM app), Audacity (powerful audio editor), BootCD (Mac OS X boot CD creator), Camino (cocoa browser with a gecko engine), Celestia (astounding space simulator), Conversation (powerful and simple IRC app), and SubEthaEdit (powerful and free text editor).

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Life After 18

Yes, there is life after 18! My good friend, Jon Gales, has been featured (subscription required) in this month’s Business 2.0 magazine! And yes, he’s only 19! Why was he featured? Because he pulls, on average, $55k/year for working three hours a day (roughly) on a niche website. Jon’s site, MobileTracker, makes him about $70/hour. It’s amazing what finding a niche will get you. I guess you don’t have to be of drinking age to be successful after all. If you don’t have a Business 2.0 subscription, you can view the article as a large (1.2MB) JPEG here.

Halo's Jaw-Dropping Physics

Halo, I’m sure you will all agree that it’s one heck of a game. However, even great games have their faults. And these faults can be highly entertaining. Don’t believe me? Michael Heilemann has found proof. Ok, so you could say that their space-age fuels really are that volatile, but it’s still funny.