The Fox and The Bird

Both FireFox and ThunderBird have received updates to v1.0 PR2 and v0.9 respectively. Both updates feature a few new features, but mostly, they squash a massive amount of bugs. Updating is recommended if you have any previous version installed. What? You don’t have FireFox or ThunderBird installed? If you have a Mac, then you can get along fine with Safari and (Some exceptions do apply. In that case, use FireFox and ThunderBird), but if you have a PC, then these two apps are a must.

Changing Star Wars – Part 2

As previously mentioned here, you may put your worries to rest and finally learn all that has been changed in the recent Star Wars Trilogy DVD release. We only had the lists for Ep. IV and Ep. V last time, but now Ep. VI is finally available. Enjoy reading about what has been altered in A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.

I’d have to say that I’m split about these changes. Being a Star Wars fan, I miss the original films. But being a Star Wars: Expanded Universe fan, I support the improved continuity.

Favorite + Icon = Favicon

Well, it’s not really my favorite icon, but I finally have a favicon. Why, do you ask? Because now my server error logs will actually mean something, rather than displaying 50 404 errors for favicon.ico . It’s not much, just a shrunken version of the header image, but you should be able to see it soon (depending on how frequent your browser or syndication app updates its favicons).

Favored Freeware: is a self contained appication bundle of the GNU Image Manipulation Program [a powerful image editing application and rival of Adobe Photoshop] for Mac OS X. It requires Apple’s X11. is droppable, uses the gimp-print package built into OS X, and uses the system’s default web browser for help and web browsing requests.

Pros: This application is amazing! The X11/OS X integration is nearly perfect, the features seem limitless, and the learning curve is similar to Photoshop.

Cons: currently does not respect the Dock (application windows can be partly displayed behind the Dock making certain areas unusable). There is no word on whether this is a issue or an X11 issue.

It's Generally Good to Know These Things

Thanks to Mark Jaquith, and his JavaScript abilities, we now have a small window which will pop up and notify you if your comment has been caught by the SPAM filter. This window lists the two possible reasons for why the filter has intercepted your comment and politely asks you to wait for an administrator to approve of your comment. I must say, this is far preferred to users asking, “What happened? Why didn’t my comment post? Was it caught by the SPAM filter?” It’s generally good to know these things. And, to quote Mr. Jaquith, “Yes, it works… please don’t test it out by spamming me.”

The Eternal Question: DivX or 3ivx?

This is the eternal question, and for some reason it has been bothering me for a few weeks. Since both seem to be equally featured, I’d love to see what the pros and main-stream users have to say. Which is better, DivX or 3ivx? You decide.

Until iPods Fly

Not too long again (IMO), Apple made a plethora of almost unexpected announcements. We have the new iPod Photo, the Special Edition U2 iPod, the availability of the iTunes Music Store in several additional European countries, and (of course) updates to both QuickTime and iTunes. Enjoy!

Films By Sandy Collora

Let me just start by saying that Sandy Collora is a genius and it’s a pity that no major studios have hired him as a director yet. Since we’re all probably eagerly awaiting the release of a new Batman film, which will hopefully be better than the last two, I thought you would enjoy two short films by Sandy Collora, which feature the Dark Knight. Enjoy the short film, Batman: Dead End, and the fan-trailer, World’s Finest.

The Typical End of a Pop Career

Ok, so this isn’t very tech-related at all, but it’s still hilarious. Many people have told me how disgusted they are with the rumors that Pop signer Ashlee Simpson lip-syncs her performances to a pre-recorded track (she pretends to be singing, but what you hear is a pre-recorded track). Well, her career may have ended last night on Saturday Night Live as it became apparent that yes, Ms. Simpson does lip-sync her performances (or at least this one). Of course, what do you do when something like this happens? You distract attention from THE FACT THAT YOU’VE BEEN NEARLY LYING ALL ALONG and blame your band.