Frost is “a cool and refreshing style” for Fauna, inspired by frost, ice, snow, and winter in general.




  1. Upload the contents of fauna-frost to your /wp-content/themes/fauna/styles/ directory.
  2. In the “Fauna Options” page, select frost/frost.css from the “Custom Style” pull-down menu.
  3. Customize and enjoy.


Version History

  • 1.0 – December 14, 2007: Updated for Fauna 1.0.
  • RC2 (release candidate 2) – June 15, 2007: Updated for Fauna RC2.
  • RC (release candidate) – November 16, 2006: Updated for Fauna RC and fixed a few bugs/typos.
  • Beta 5 – June 27, 2006: Initial public release.


  • If you encounter any problems or bugs with Frost, please contact me.
  • If you encounter any problems with Fauna in general, please submit your support requests to the Fauna Support Forum.