Category: Video

  • The Force Unleashed

    After the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars on Friday, word has been spreading quickly among various social circles about The Force Unleashed, a new game which takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and seeks to redefine our perception of The Force when used in combat. I heard about this game…

  • Ring in the New Year, 2007

    Today, the cumulative annual status is 2007, so why not “ring” in the new year with Warner Brothers’ 1940s classic, The Lord of the Rings, staring Humphrey Bogart? This unreleased classic was discovered a few years ago by the staff of the now dormant Tolkien Sarcasm Page and has been archived on YouTube for your…

  • The New Transformers Movie

    The new live-action Transformers movie is on target for a July 4th release next year. It looks like all of the Transformers have been given a major redesign, giving them each a more realistic transformation sequence and a more “alien” appearance, and Peter Cullen will be returning as the voice of Optimus Prime. When I…

  • How the Sith Stole Christmas

    The holiday season is upon us, so grab a glass of eggnog (or any other seasonal beverage) and enjoy the first installment of Ted Bracewell’s holiday classic, How the Sith Stole Christmas. Happy Holidays!

  • Giant Chicken

    Don’t accept any coupons from giant chickens during this holiday shopping season. If you do, this could be you. (excerpt from Family Guy: Da Boom)