President-Elect Obama

The election ended almost a week ago, and by a commanding lead of 365 to 162 electoral votes (Missouri is still too close to call, but not essential), Barack Obama is now the President-elect of the United States. He will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States on January 20, 2009.

Well on his way to the White House, President-elect Obama has launched the most transparent transition in our country’s history. I hope he continues the trend and leads the world’s first transparent presidency.

I must admit that it is really nice to see some positive remarks about our choice in President from our friends in other countries. With that said, I’d like to remind everyone here in the United States that Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States for at least the next four years. No matter who you voted for, change will come to America. Let’s see what happens next.

If you have not yet seen Barack Obama’s presidential acceptance speech, I strongly recommend that you set aside a few minutes to do so.

What to do in a Zombie Attack

The dreaded evening of Halloween has passed, which means that the streets are now running rampant with hordes of newly raised zombies.

The knowledge gained from the following public service announcement, from Lone Bannana Productions, should prevent you from becoming one of the living dead.

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Transformers Nostalgia

Last Sunday, Sarah and I were lucky enough to see Transformers in our local theater. It was great film. I would have appreciated more character development concerning the Transformers, but it would have been difficult to fit any more into the film without it being considered “too long” by younger audiences. Hopefully, there will be more character development in the sequel. Besides the lack of character development, the film carried a decent plot and featured the most realistic Transformers to date! Best of all, it brought back memories from the long-running and well-established Transformers universe.

Here are four of my favorite moments from the Transformers universe.

SPOILER WARNING: The following clips obviously contain spoilers.

  1. The Autobots meet G.I. Joe in 1939. (review)
  2. Starscream sacrifices himself to save millions of lives by convincing Galvatron and Optimus Prime to join forces against Unicron. (clip)
  3. The “mysterious planet” that the Beast Wars take place on is revealed to be prehistoric Earth, complete with the crashed Ark and dormant G1 Transformers. (clip)
  4. Just about every moment from Beast Machines, especially the last episode. (clip)

It’s hard to choose which video clip to embed at the end of this post, so I’m going to choose the last few minutes from Beast Machines, which just so happens to be the only clip from this list without a cliffhanger ending.

The iPhone Cometh

We’re less than three hours away from Apple’s iPhone launch here in sunny California. Various media outlets are buzzing with news about the launch and some were lucky enough to receive an iPhone for review purposes.

Those of you who want an iPhone, but aren’t willing to lay down the money for one, still have a chance to win a free iPhone, courtesy of And the rest of you who just want to see the chaos of the launch and hundreds of rabid, hopeful fans, can watch the launch live at the Palo Alto Apple Store on Zooomr TV.