Review: RePorter Port Replicator

Do you ever suffer from bending down and reaching far behind your computer to exchange devices? Enter the Marathon Computer RePorter Port Replicator. It’s a fascinating little device which brings most of your G5 tower’s ports within a short distance from you, and plans to make your life a lot easier. Read the review.

DVD Studio Pro and OS X Updated

DVD Studio Pro has been updated to v3.0.2. This update adds “Compatibility for double-layer media on supported systems” and various stability improvements. Simotaniously, Mac OS X has also been updated to v10.3.6 with various enhancements and improvements.

The Fox and The Bird

Both FireFox and ThunderBird have received updates to v1.0 PR2 and v0.9 respectively. Both updates feature a few new features, but mostly, they squash a massive amount of bugs. Updating is recommended if you have any previous version installed. What? You don’t have FireFox or ThunderBird installed? If you have a Mac, then you can […]

The Eternal Question: DivX or 3ivx?

This is the eternal question, and for some reason it has been bothering me for a few weeks. Since both seem to be equally featured, I’d love to see what the pros and main-stream users have to say. Which is better, DivX or 3ivx? You decide.

Until iPods Fly

Not too long again (IMO), Apple made a plethora of almost unexpected announcements. We have the new iPod Photo, the Special Edition U2 iPod, the availability of the iTunes Music Store in several additional European countries, and (of course) updates to both QuickTime and iTunes. Enjoy!

Catch The Tiger By The Toe

Apple is now offering the Tiger Early Start Kit. That’s right, I’m talking to all you impatient developers and non-developers out there (but don’t expect a beginner-friendly package). The Kit comes with all the benefits of an ADC Select Membership (for one year), pre-release versions of OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and XCode 2.0, access to […]

The OQO Model 01 Has Come…Almost

OQO is now taking pre-orders for their first model, Model 01. For those of you wondering what an OQO is, click the link at the beginning of this article. In short, it’s in between a notebook computer and a PocketPC. The OQO is a fascinating device designed by the brains behind the original PowerBook G4, […]

The Great Quark to InDesign Migration Contest

Calling all Quark users! MacMerc wants you to switch to InDesign. To promote this move, MacMerc has created The Great Quark to InDesign Migration Contest. All you have to do is fill out the form and include a short Dear John letter to Quark, explaining your frustrations with their software. One lucky winner will receive […]