Power User Monday: Routine Maintenance

Do you leave your Mac on all the time? Have you ever repaired your permissions? Is your Mac feeling a little sluggish since you got it? Today, I’d like to share with you a very important procedure for ensuring the continued well-being of your Apple Macintosh computer. It’s time to learn about Routine Maintenance!

Will GameSpy No Longer Support Macs?

This could certainly cause a major delay in the (so far) excellent campaign to increase the Mac’s reputation and credibility as a gaming platform. “[GameSpy] is the most popular player matching service on the PC, [and] allows gamers to join into thousands of games online.” Developer Ryan Gordon, has stated that his game (America’s Army) […]

ThunderBird v1.0 and Camino v0.8.2 Released

ThunderBird has been updated to v1.0. This update includes a number of enhancements and finalizations. Camino has been updated to v0.8.2. This update is primarily a bug fixer. And, if you haven’t upgraded to FireFox v1.0 yet, do so now.

Apple's Maple Leaf Rag

Apple has announced that the November release of the Canadian iTunes Music Store has been officially delayed. According to Apple, “We said that we would launch the iTunes Music Store in Canada by the end of November, but we’re going to miss this deadline by a bit. You’ll hear from us very soon.”

November Ends With a Bang

The day after Thanksgiving is always the best day to buy gifts for the whole family. Special offers and low prices will be present in almost all retail stores. If you can handle the traffic and ugliness of humanity that is displayed every year on this day, then don’t forget to head down to your […]

Leaving Quark for InDesign

Many graphic design sites, MacMerc included, have stressed the importance of moving from the cumbersome and outdated QuarkXpress to the fresh and lively Adobe InDesign. MacMerc recently held a contest, asking readers to submit an open letter to Quark, explaining why they intend to switch. The contest has long since ended, and Jeff Ferzoco perfectly […]

Repost: A Completely Secure System

If you’re in need of having a completely secure OS X system, or you’re installing a new Mac in an environment that needs an impenetrable computer, then look now further than the NSA’s very own (unclassified) Apple Mac OS X v10.3.x “Panther” Security Configuration Guide. This guide is more than enough for setting up a […]

The Fox Has Arrived

FireFox has finally made it to v1.0 and it’s faster and more stable than ever! To see everything that has been changed in order to make this milestone release a reality, start reading the “unofficial” change logs. Note: This post was composed in FireFox v1.0.