A Brief MSN Search Rant

Let me just say that MSN Search really likes me. Unfortunately, it has to be the worst search engine on earth. Sure, it’s in beta release, but way too many people are using it without realizing how poor this search engine is in its current state. For example, I’m the #5 result for a search […]

iMovie '05 Update v5.0.1

The first update for iMovie ’05 has been released, not long after the launch of iLife ’05. v5.0.1 is 2.4MB in size, available through Software Update, and “addresses issues related to video and audio synchronization for DV projects and other minor issues.”

PUM: System Stats at a Glance

Have you wondered what your CPU usage is? Have wondered if that installer is doing anything at all, or if it’s stuck? Is it too difficult to open Activity Monitor? Well, never fear. Just read this week’s brief Power User Monday Tip of the Week.

Review: Sennheiser PXC 250

While finding a good set of headphones is very difficult, finding good set of noise-canceling headphones is even more difficult. I’ve had experience with the Bose Quiet Comfort and the Sony MDR-NC11 models, and neither were even worth reviewing. Sure, their sound quality was nice, but their noise-canceling technology (while innovative) was lousy. Is there […]

Mactracker Update v3.0.1

Mactracker has been updated to v3.0.1. This version adds the latest hardware from Apple (including those recently released at this year’s Macworld Expo), information on System Enablers, and a few bug fixes. Read the Favored Freeware entry for Mactracker here.

Fascinating and Fun 3D Weather Globe

One thing that I walked away with from this year’s Macworld Expo, was MacKiev’s 3D Weather Globe and Atlas. I haven’t let go of it since. This really is a fun application, and your kids will love it too. This program provides a 3D view of the Earth with user-controllable transparency, very high-quality NASA maps, […]

OpenOffice.org Ends Native Mac Support

Apparently, OpenOffice.org has ceased production of a native Mac OS X build. The current Mac-compatible builds will forever remain X11-only. This is neither a shock, nor anything to complain about. I personally use X11 for Gimp.app and certainly don’t mind it one bit. This is just one of the things that you pay for when […]

PUM: Web Developer First-Aid

Do you sometimes find errors in your CSS or desire to make some CSS improvements? If so, how many times to you find yourself applying and checking changes before you’re satisfied? Do you sometimes wonder if your site looks good on an 800×600 monitor? Do you sometimes wonder what could be causing your javascript to […]

Past The Point Of No Return?

Just last night, I realized something that almost shook my faith in Apple. Did you know that Apple Retail Stores are not allowed to exchange iPod Photos, even if you purchased one from an Apple Retail Store? In fact, they can’t even except them as returns. Not even if there is a huge/deep impact scratch […]