Review: TuneTech for iPod

TuneTech is essentially an iPod-specific version of Drive Genius. Prosoft Engineering claims that TuneTech is “the only comprehensive software utility geared specifically toward iPod users,” but is it really necessary? Read the review to learn more about TuneTech.

Review: iPod Video

When Apple announced the fifth-generation iPod with video playback features, I could do nothing but laugh about the concept of viewing television shows and music videos on its tiny screen. Why would I want to watch videos on my iPod? An iPod is for listening to music while you drive and read. You can’t watch […]

Review: Drive Genius

As far as professional-grade utilities are concerned, Drive Genius is the new kid on the block. Though it is young, it does exit the starting gate with quite a few useful features. Read the review to learn more about Drive Genius.

Review: Sennheiser PXC 250

While finding a good set of headphones is very difficult, finding good set of noise-canceling headphones is even more difficult. I’ve had experience with the Bose Quiet Comfort and the Sony MDR-NC11 models, and neither were even worth reviewing. Sure, their sound quality was nice, but their noise-canceling technology (while innovative) was lousy. Is there […]

Review: RePorter Port Replicator

Do you ever suffer from bending down and reaching far behind your computer to exchange devices? Enter the Marathon Computer RePorter Port Replicator. It’s a fascinating little device which brings most of your G5 tower’s ports within a short distance from you, and plans to make your life a lot easier. Read the review.