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  • Hawaii in 2023

    We took the opportunity again to visit Mom in this allegedly “post-pandemic” world. Don’t worry, Sarah and I still wore KN95 masks from Project N95 on the planes and submarine tour, because I’m not eager to get COVID-19 again, and yes we’re COVID-negative still even a week later. Masks really do work! Hawaii continues to […]

  • California Botanic Garden, part 2

    Yesterday, Sarah and I went back to the California Botanic Garden. Since our first visit, the garden is now completely open, so naturally I took more photos. I’m absolutely in love with this place, and while I expect more photos to come in the future, it felt wrong to let the previous post stand alone […]

  • California Botanic Garden

    Last weekend, Sarah and I visited the California Botanic Garden, “the largest botanic garden dedicated to California native plants.” Sadly, they took a beating during the last wind storm, and half the garden was blocked off. The garden is members-only right now, but we are very local, and it’s just a bit more than the […]

  • Hawaii in 2022

    I haven’t seen Mom since 2 years ago, so even with the pandemic sadly not over (and sometimes I feel like no end in sight), Sarah and I decided it was time to go back to where Mom lived, Hawaii. We’re vaccinated, boosted, and we packed KN95 masks from Project N95 exclusively. We wouldn’t have […]

  • Ice House Canyon Trail

    On Friday, Sarah and I decided to get out of the house and visit the Ice House Canyon Trail on Mount San Antonio. Overall, I think we did more walking that day than we have since March. We turned back at about 0.8 miles in, since that was 30 minutes of walking and we didn’t […]