Of Handles and Real Names

Let me just start by saying that I am an incredible hypocrite when it comes to handles vs. real names. I hate handles. Now that you are probably questioning my sanity, let me explain.

Again, I hate handles. I despise them. I desire nothing more than to tear away the shroud of anonymity that has been cast amongst the internet by these so-called digital names. Yet, I realize that some desire that anonymity. In fact, some may require that anonymity.

I do not require the anonymity of my handle (), but I feel as if I cannot survive without it. I began my career as MacManX. MacManX made a name for himself as a support forum volunteer and a contributing editor for MacMerc.com. In fact, I doubt that Chris would have recognized me from our days on the Mac Browser Board if it weren’t for my handle. But, what about “James Huff”?

Google Reader Subscription Button

According to my blog’s statistics, Google Reader is becoming a popular online news aggregator. My main complaint with Google Reader is that it prefers to organize new posts by date or “relevance” and not by feed, so it’s not as comprehensive as older services (such as Bloglines), but Google Reader is actually a very efficient news aggregator if you prefer organization by date or “relevance”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an easy subscription button for Google Reader that matched the style of the rest of my easy subscription buttons, so I whipped this one up a few nights ago. Feel free to use it on your blog too.

What is "Free"?

What is “free”? “Free” is, “not imprisoned or enslaved.” “Free” is, “unconstrained.” “Free” is, “unobstructed, without blockages.” “Free” is, “without obligations.” “Free” is, “obtainable without payment” (Wiktionary). For the purpose of this monologue, “free” is something one receives without returning payment of some form.