Clan Dragonas

I would have announced this sooner, but Sarah beat me to the punch, so I thought I’d wait until the website was done. ¬†For the past few months I have been lucky enough to play flugelhorn, and most recently sing backup vocals, with the awesome Clan Dragonas! ¬†To paraphrase the About page, “Clan Dragonas embodies […]

Private Consulting

I don’t know why I didn’t think about announcing this before, but I am currently available for hire as a private consultant on WordPress, web management, and Mac OS X. I have been an avid WordPress user for over five years, the manager of three WordPress blogs, and a frequent WordPress Support Forum volunteer. ¬†Over […]

Easily Convert Database Character Sets

If you began using WordPress prior to version 2.2, you may notice that your database has tables with two different character sets and collations. This is because all database tables created prior to WordPress 2.2 use the latin1 character set and the latin1_swedish_ci collation, and all database tables created after WordPress 2.2 use the utf8 […]

Returning to Splash Panel

Splash Panel is a graphic novel review blog created by Khaled Abou Alfa way back in November of 2005. As a long-time collector of graphic novels, I was lucky enough to be asked to be the first staff writer, and it was a blast. Unfortunately, burn-out set in and I stopped contributing reviews about a […]

New House

As Sarah mentioned, we have been in our new 4-bedroom Rialto home since March of this year. ¬†We were lucky enough to purchase it before building began, so we got our choice of flooring, countertops, and cabinets. ¬†We were also lucky enough to receive “upgraded” appliances and landscaping in both yards, which the builders were […]

Wedding Photos

It took almost two months, but some of our favorite wedding photos are finally online! It was honestly quite difficult to pick just a few out of the 3,850 that we received, and I am delighted that this is finally out of the way. All of the photos in this set were taken by Enchanted […]

We're Married!

I am proud to announce that Sarah and I have been married since August 23rd! ¬†It was certainly the happiest day of my life. ¬†We returned from our relaxing honeymoon in Oahu yesterday, hence the late announcement, but we should have quite a few photos online within the week and I’ll post more details on […]

Open Share Add to Any Buttons

About eight months ago, Alex King released the first version of the Share This plugin, featuring his now famous¬†Share Icon inspired by the now standard Feed Icon. ¬†Unfortunately, Alex sold both the plugin and icon a few months ago to the entity which now owns and operates ShareThis. ¬†While ShareThis claims that the icon is […]

Blog Less, Live More

I would like to think of this post as a New Year’s Resolution, a very important resolution which will eventually contradict itself. In 2008, I’ll be focusing less on my blog and decreasing my overall online activities in order to effectively “live more.” How will this contradict itself? Well, by living more, I will have […]

Frost 1.0

Joen released Fauna 1.0 on Tuesday. This is the final release of Fauna (excluding bug fixes, of course) and is packed with several noteworthy improvements, including compatibility with WordPress 2.3 (including the new tagging system), a new print stylesheet, and support for the new gravatar plugin, Easy Gravatars. Due to a few small changes made […]