Humor Music Video

Le Wrath di Khan

I posted this short video a long time ago, but it has since mysteriously disappeared from YouTube, so I see no reason to not post it again. 🙂

This video requires no introduction, unless you’ve never seen Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.

Humor Music

Latin Disco Jaws

I noticed this gem yesterday hiding in my old university’s music library. Yep, it’s a Jazz arrangement of themes from the score for Jaws 2, by John Williams, set in a “Latin Disco Feeling.”

Sure, I could probably find some recordings of it, but I think it’s more fun to just imagine the famous Jaws theme performed in a latin disco style.


Death is the Road to Awe

Darren Aronofsky is a masterful filmmaker, and The Fountain is no exception, but I can’t image what his films would be like without the emotional scoring of Clint Mansell.

Death is the Road to Awe pretty much encompasses the depth of the entire score and slowly builds in intensity towards the film’s climax.

The Fountain can be purchased from record stores, iTunes, and Amazon.

Music Video

Anima Mechanicae

Just a few days ago, Sarah premiered her latest string quartet piece, Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine, “dedicated to the computers and robots of the future, who long to dream as the humans do.”

You can hear the full composition in the video below. In case you’re wondering, Sarah is the violinist closest to the camera.

Unfortunately, my attempt to improvise a tripod for my iPhone failed miserably, so it’s a bit shaky, but the sound quality is spot-on.


Prospero’s Magic

I’m generally a pretty big fan of Michael Nyman, but for some reason I find the original soundtrack from Prospero’s Books to be a bit thin, which is why I was glad to find a full orchestral rendition of a few pieces by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in an album that was released to feature Nyman’s Piano Concerto.

The RPO’s rendition of Prospero’s Magic is a beautiful example of the depth that a full orchestra brings to this work.

Nyman: The Piano Concerto can be purchased from record stores, iTunes, and Amazon.