Sarah Completes a Musical Portrayal of Christ

I am pleased to announce the completion of Sarah’s latest compositional project, Three Images of Christ’s Final Hours. This is a fifteen minute collection of three individual pieces that, when performed as a set, depict the Garden of Gethsemane (including Christ’s prayer, arrest, and trial), the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection. The completion of this collection […]

Free Beethoven Symphonies

Sarah just discovered that the BBC will be providing all nine of Beethoven’s Symphonies for free download. Symphonies one through five are currently available, but will begin to disappear on June 13th. Symphonies six through nine should be available by July 1st, but will begin to disappear on July 4th. Beethoven’s Symphonies can be downloaded, […]

Another GarageBand Creation: Skipping Class

After another hour of playing around with GarageBand, I have discovered its biggest limitation. I guess you can never have enough loops. There’s always a cadence or a transition that you just wish you could have. I suppose that’s the point at which you hook up your own instrument and record a quick part, but […]

Sarah’s GarageBand Creation

Following my attempt at creating a GarageBand creation, Sarah (my better half) has finished hers. Vortex Warped is a four minute piece composed of several audio loops in a complicated and creative way.

My First GarageBand Creation: Folk Fire

I stayed up late last night just because I wanted to try out GarageBand. Little did I know that I’d be sucked into its endless void of just pure fun. Working with GarageBand is being like a kid again. All you have to do is combine several loops of sound and attempt to create a […]