Terminator 2: The Opera

We all know that YouTube is full of music videos that play unrelated pop music over randomly selected film clips, but some people actually take the initiative to write their own music and the result is simply golden.  Enjoy this brief aria specially composed for Terminator 2.

Neo is Scott Pilgrim

It sure has been a while since I’ve posted a video here, but I have to share this amazing mashup of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and The Matrix Trilogy.  Plus, this gives me chance to start using Viper’s Video Quicktags again.

Distracting Trumpet

If you’re a fan of classic mafia themed films, you probably remember sitting through several instances of the almost stereotypical abstract trumpet solos which either distracted you from the dialogue or at least left you wondering, “Where have they stashed the trumpeter this time?” (excerpt from Family Guy: Stew-Roids)

What to do in a Zombie Attack

The dreaded evening of Halloween has passed, which means that the streets are now running rampant with hordes of newly raised zombies. The knowledge gained from the following public service announcement, from Lone Bannana Productions, should prevent you from becoming one of the living dead. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=613408176554477113

Giant Chicken – Part 3

After posting both parts one and two of this epic battle, I felt obligated to post part three too. It’s truly one of the most random moments in cartoon history. Enjoy! (excerpt from Family Guy: No Chris Left Behind)

Ring in the New Year, 2007

Today, the cumulative annual status is 2007, so why not “ring” in the new year with Warner Brothers’ 1940s classic, The Lord of the Rings, staring Humphrey Bogart? This unreleased classic was discovered a few years ago by the staff of the now dormant Tolkien Sarcasm Page and has been archived on YouTube for your […]