Category: Humor

  • Bad Company 2 Jeep Madness

    I managed to get a whole Friday off last week and was lucky enough to spend most of the day on Bad Company 2 with the rest of the crew from Bravo 2 Company. The whole day was just pure fun, and there were many moments like the following, but sadly I haven’t quite figured…

  • Trippy Sheep

    I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now, but Trippy Sheep is trippy. ‘Nuff said. (via Cyriak)

  • Four Chord Song

    I bet you didn’t know that you could construct a hit pop tune with just four chords. Don’t believe me? Check out the Four Chord Song from The Axis of Awesome.

  • Le Wrath di Khan

    I posted this short video a long time ago, but it has since mysteriously disappeared from YouTube, so I see no reason to not post it again. 🙂 This video requires no introduction, unless you’ve never seen Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.

  • My Favorite Game Glitch

    I have finally re-entered the world of console gaming, and have been playing quite a few Xbox 360 games lately, though I have to say that I spend most of my game time on Bad Company 2. With that said, I’ve seen my fair share of glitches (bullets magically curving around corners, floating snipers, entering…