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  • The New iMac

    I’m currently enjoying my new iMac. The 20″ screen is massive and it’s a joy to work with. The speed is a welcoming increase and the fans are hardly noticeable. Look for a review on MacMerc in about a week.

  • New Header Image

    Incase anyone is wondering, the new image inside the header image is MainFrame, by Brock Lee (an excellent fan-artist). The image background was replaced with the “Matrix Code”, which was created with Rick’s Matrix Code Retooled tutorial. Thanks go out to both of these dedicated artists.

  • Note: Comments and Moderation

    This blog uses a rather large keyword blacklist to prevent advertisements from being posted as comments. If your comment contains a word existing in this blacklist, it will be withheld until a qualified human can approve it. Do not, under any circumstances, re-submit your comment. This will only delay the original comment’s approval. Comments containing […]

  • Smooth Operator

    Everything is going well over here. I’m pleased to see how everything is coming together so quickly. WordPress is a breeze to work with. I’m sorry that there isn’t really anything to test or mess around with yet, but you can always test out the “Donate!” link in the side-bar to the right. As far […]

  • Grand Opening!

    Welcome to the grand opening of! From time to time you will find this blog updated with personal news and other such things. You also get a sneak preview at the future of this website and be granted beta-tester privileges as new features are implemented. In case you’re wondering what this really cool design […]