I Saw a Kangaroo

Despite all of my joking, I did actually see a kangaroo in Austria. — James Huff (@MacManX) February 22, 2011 Unfortunately, pictures will have to wait until I get back, unless I can find a place nearby that sells SD card readers.

Off to Vienna

I’m off to spend a week with the rest of the Happiness Engineers in Vienna, as we work together to improve your WordPress.com experience. If you’re curious about why we travel to work together, check out this great article about what goes on behind the scenes.

Clean Desk

Today marks the first day that my desk has been clean since the day we moved, so I figured I’d share a photo of this monumental occasion. To the left is the Automattic holiday card that serves as inspiration through the work day, my iMac obviously dominates the center of the desk, and my trusty […]

New Car

After six years of loyal service, my 2005 Toyota Prius began to show signs of transmission failure. Considering the car was over six years old and had about 75,000 miles with a failing transmission, I figured that it was time to take Toyota up on their 0.9% promotional APR on a new 2010 Prius. The […]

Welcome to WordPress.com

Those of you who are kind enough to have subscribed to this humble blog may have noticed a few new posts suddenly appear. That’s because I have officially merged MacManX.com with my very short-lived MacManX on Music blog. After all, there really was no reason to divide my efforts like that. But, the merger wasn’t […]

MacManX on Music

It’s a new year, which means that it’s time for new things! As part of my own “Eat Your Own Dog Food” initiative and WordPress.com’s Daily Post initiative, I have dusted the 3-year-old cobwebs off of my own WordPress.com blog to launch MacManX on Music, where I will be blogging at least once a week […]


Well, it’s a new year, and as part of my own personal “Eat Your Own Dog Food” initiative and our Daily Post initiative, I’ll be making regular posts about the music that keeps me focused when I’m on duty here as a Happiness Engineer. Of course, I’m cheating just a little bit by joining the […]

I'm a Happiness Engineer

I am proud to announce that, as of yesterday, I am officially a full-time Happiness Engineer for Automattic. I have spent the last month working for Automattic on a trial basis, and I must say that this is quite simply the best job ever I have ever had. Not only am I working for a […]

No More www on MacManX.com

After much thought, I have finally removed all traces of www from MacManX.com. Why? Aesthetics, really. There’s really no reason to have www preceding your domain, an ever-increasing number of sites are beginning to turn away from it, and it saves four characters when linking to MacManX.com in a tweet. Removing www from your domain […]