Review: Star Wars Infinities: A New Hope

Star Wars Infinities: A New Hope is an adventurous and thought-provoking “What if?” tale by writer Chris Warner and artists Drew Johnson and Al Rio. It begins in tandem with the original A New Hope script, but when a key opportunity for the Rebellion is lost, history is forever altered.

Review: Batman: Hush

Batman: Hush is a dark and captivating tale by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. Batman: Hush takes you from the darkest corners of the Dark Knight’s mind to the deepest depths of his soul as he faces his toughest challenge yet. When nothing is as it seems, who can you trust, and will you be […]

Review: Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come, a DC Elseworlds masterpiece by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, is the best graphic novel ever produced by a major comic publisher. A philosophical tale of Armageddon in the DC universe, Kingdom Come is filled with biblical parallels which cast our heroes and antiheroes into haunting roles that we are all too familiar […]

Enter Splash Panel

Splash Panel, created by Khaled of Broken Kode fame, is a blog dedicated to reviewing only the best graphic novels and I am overjoyed to announce that Khaled has chosen me to be Splash Panel’s first staff writer! I have been a fan of comics for as long as I can remember and a collector […]