Core Happiness in Tybee Island

Over the past few months, the Happiness Engineers of have grown to require separation into sub-teams. Enter the new Core Happiness team: the Happiness Engineers who are focussed strictly on answering support requests and creating/improving documentation. Earlier this month, the new Core Happiness team met for our very first chance to work together as […]

Automattic in Budapest

I had one heck of a great time at my very first Automattic company meetup. As we are a globally distributed company, it was great to finally meet all of the talented folks that I had only chatted with until recently. This year, we were in Budapest, turning out some awesome new features for […]

WordCamp San Francisco

You may have thought that the fun stopped after our St. Louis meetup, but you’d be wrong. A handful of us, myself included of course, immediately boarded a plane on the last day of our meetup bound for San Francisco, California to volunteer with more of our fellow Automatticians at WordCamp San Francisco. WordCamp San […]

Happiness Engineers in St. Louis

Much like we did in Vienna, my fellow Happiness Engineers and I (plus a few awesome special guests) got together in St. Louis, Missouri earlier this month to get to know one another beyond the boundaries of chat screens and to build things to improve the support experience that just can’t be done over […] on Duster

Wow, I have really fallen off the wagon on this whole post a day thing. Time to get back on! As you may have noticed, is now sporting Duster, courtesy of my colleagues, the Automattic Theme Team. I actually spent about two days trying to tweak this back towards my previous color scheme, but […]

Happiness Engineers in Vienna

One of the most interesting things about working for Automattic is that we really don’t have a specific home office, so all of my co-workers come from across the globe. Considering that, we like to get together a few times each year to strengthen our bonds and work on projects that just can’t be handled […]

Clan Dragonas

I would have announced this sooner, but Sarah beat me to the punch, so I thought I’d wait until the website was done. ¬†For the past few months I have been lucky enough to play flugelhorn, and most recently sing backup vocals, with the awesome Clan Dragonas! ¬†To paraphrase the About page, “Clan Dragonas embodies […]

Joen Launches Deskvu

Joen¬†announced¬†the launch of¬†Deskvu¬†earlier this morning. ¬†Deskvu is Joen’s new free¬†wallpaper¬†website. ¬†It’s already packed with several astounding wallpapers from Mr. Asmussen himself, and it looks like he will be accepting high-caliber¬†wallpapers from other artists some time in the near future.

Upcoming Holiday Concerts in So Cal

Sarah has posted¬†a list of her upcoming holiday performances this month. ¬†If you’re in the vicinity Tustin, California on December 22nd at 5pm, stop by the Four Crows Center for some great music!

Rick’s iChat Status Icons

Rick was not pleased by .Mac’s iChat status icons, so he decided to create his own. Having downloaded [the .Mac set] myself, I quickly found that its 9 icons didn’t really fit in with my lifestyle. For instance, I don’t go to the gym so much, and when I go OOTO (Out Of The Office) […]