I Finally Met Ipstenu

I was first introduced to Mika Epstein (pronounced Meekah) aka Ipstenu sometime like 5 years ago when we were volunteering on the WordPress Support Forums. Well, after all those years, we were finally able to meet! Why? Because WordPress is awesome, that’s why. Also, I have no clue what we’re pointing at. Someone with better […]

Does WordPress.com Support Macs?

Believe it or not, I get asked this question quite a lot. Does WordPress.com support Macs? Well, I submit for your consideration this photo from fellow Automattician Joey Kudish and his scavenger hunt. Yes, that’s almost every employee at Automattic (the company behind WordPress.com) holding up their computer, a Mac. What about those of us […]

Automattic in San Diego

A week ago, I made it back home from my second Automattic meetup, this time in San Diego. Once again, we had a whole week to meet almost everyone (which is refreshing since we’re globally distributed), work on some awesome upcoming features (mostly for WordPress.com), and engage in some local adventures. I won’t spoil any of […]

Core Happiness in Amsterdam

Last week, the Core Happiness Engineers of WordPress.com gathered for a week of work, introductions, and sightseeing in Amsterdam. In case you don’t know, Automattic is a globally distributed company and all but a few of us work from home, so it’s nice to get some face-to-face time a few weeks each year and to […]

Core Happiness in Tybee Island

Over the past few months, the Happiness Engineers of WordPress.com have grown to require separation into sub-teams. Enter the new Core Happiness team: the Happiness Engineers who are focussed strictly on answering support requests and creating/improving documentation. Earlier this month, the new Core Happiness team met for our very first chance to work together as […]