Headless: A Sleepy Hollow Story

If you’re looking for something new to watch this weekend, check out Headless: A Sleepy Hollow Story, a charming present-day remake of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow from Shipwrecked Comedy.

The web series follows Ichabod Crane as the legendary Headless Horseman offers to pay his rent in exchange for help finding his head. Each episode features a new head, transforming the Horseman into the person the head belonged to, and hijinks ensue.

The story is engaging, the characters are fun, the acting is excellent, and the production is impressive for its budget. I’ve enjoyed it since the first episode, so much so that I even went to the gala, which is rare for me; Star Wars Celebration 2022 was the only other thing like it I’ve been to. So, enough rambling. Please enjoy!

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