Hawaii in 2022

I haven’t seen Mom since 2 years ago, so even with the pandemic sadly not over (and sometimes I feel like no end in sight), Sarah and I decided it was time to go back to where Mom lived, Hawaii. We’re vaccinated, boosted, and we packed KN95 masks from Project N95 exclusively. We wouldn’t have gone otherwise. We’re also isolating until our test results come back, and 3 days later, we have no symptoms. Get vaccinated, wear a mask, and we can beat this thing if we all just try.

Overall, we had a great time all things considered. The beaches were a bit rough for swimming this time, as you’ll see, but they were great for simply reading.

Oh, and if you followed me on Tumblr, you would have seen these photos as close to realtime as Hawaiian cell coverage allowed. 😉

Update: COVID test finished, we’re negative! Two 6-hour flights, 1 week in Hawaii, 0 COVID. Folks, you can do it too! Get vaccinated, get boosted, and wear a non-counterfeit KN95 or better mask around people unless you’re outdoors.