Month: January 2022

  • Must-Have Safari Extensions

    Must-Have Safari Extensions

    With iOS/iPadOS 15, you’re finally able to install browser extensions in Safari. There are a lot of great ones out there, but now that it’s been possible for a few months, I thought I’d briefly share my favorites. One quick disclaimer: My favorites may change over time, but I’m not going to keep this list […]

  • WordPress 5.9 Released

    WordPress 5.9 has been released! Among a few smaller changes, WordPress 5.9 introduces full site editing, which is bound to turn some heads. For specifics, check out the changelog. 624 volunteers contributed to this release, and at the time of writing this, WordPress 5.9 has been out for just a bit over a day, and […]

  • Hawaii in 2022

    I haven’t seen Mom since 2 years ago, so even with the pandemic sadly not over (and sometimes I feel like no end in sight), Sarah and I decided it was time to go back to where Mom lived, Hawaii. We’re vaccinated, boosted, and we packed KN95 masks from Project N95 exclusively. We wouldn’t have […]

  • Happy New Year! the 2022 edition

    Happy New Year! the 2022 edition

    2022 begins today, and looking back, the top post here was How I Make GIFs. That process has changed significantly, so I guess I’ll need to write an update. Maybe that will be the top post this year? A quick list of favorites this year, I hope you enjoy them too: Movie: The Matrix Resurrections […]