WordPress 5.6 Released

WordPress 5.6 has been released! Along with expanded layout controls and auto-updates for major releases, this release also introduces the new Twenty Twenty-One default theme. For specifics, check out the changelog.

605 volunteers contributed to this release, lead by Josepha Haden, Chloe Bringmann, and Angela Jin. At the time of writing this, WordPress 5.6 has been out for just a bit over 1 hour, and has already been downloaded 300,710 times!

All users can safely update from Dashboard -> Updates or download and update manually, though you should probably backup first just in case, unless you’re already using Jetpack Backup, which you really should be.

If you run into any problems, stop by the known issues first, and please let us know if it’s not covered there!

4 responses

  1. Can’t wait to try the Twenty Twenty One theme on my WordPress.com blog (already tried it on my self-hosted WP blog). I think I will use grey color for the background as seen on the dark mode.

    1. It’s a great little theme, pretty easy to set up since it’s not overflowing with options too.

  2. Robi Erwin Setiawan Avatar
    Robi Erwin Setiawan

    Is WP 5.6 already support with PHP 8?

    1. Yes, per the release post linked to above, “5.6 marks the first steps toward WordPress Core support for PHP 8.”

      You can find detailed info at https://make.wordpress.org/core/2020/11/23/wordpress-and-php-8-0/