Month: October 2019

  • Rewatch: Stargate Universe

    Rewatch: Stargate Universe

    Stargate Universe is the final series to follow Stargate SG-1 (read the Rewatch review here) and Stargate Atlantis (read the Rewatch review here). The series premiered in 2009 and ran for two seasons when it was canceled kind of on a cliffhanger, more on that later. The series is definitely a tone shift for the […]

  • An Impressive Anime Fan Production

    An Impressive Anime Fan Production

    By this point, you’re looking at the image above and saying “that’s not anime,” and I suppose you’re right, but this incredible short film is inspired by both the style and content of My Hero Academia, so it’s definitely a production by an anime fan at least. UA:LA imagines what if MHA’s famous Tokyo setting […]

  • Back to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

    Yesterday, Sarah and I visited Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge again after first visiting a few months ago. This time, we were able to visit Oga’s Cantina a few times, and finally sample most of the drinks. It’s only been a few months sure, but it doesn’t look worn down at all, in fact it looks […]

  • Rewatch: Mystery Science Theater 3000

    Rewatch: Mystery Science Theater 3000

    There are two types of people in the world: those who love Mystery Science Theater 3000, and those who have never seen it. If you’re in that latter group, it’s time to change that. MST3K was a TV series of bad films, featuring colorful commentary during the films to elevate and transform them into something […]

  • Power Rangers vs Super Sentai

    Power Rangers vs Super Sentai

    AKA, what we missed out on in the United States. I grew up loving the Power Rangers, but I had no clue what I was missing out on back then. I tried to rewatch some for my Rewatch series, but I just couldn’t get engaged anymore, so imagine my surprise when I found multiple Super […]