Space Command

space command

About 7 years ago, I backed Space Command, an ambitious project from Marc Zicree to create a series of sci-fi films the feel large-scale, but on a small-scale budget with no major studio interference.

The first film is almost done, and all that remains is post-production on the last half, but you can watch the finished first half now. For such a small-scale production, it’s outstanding, plus it’s filled with all of those wonderful “Oh, that actor!” moments.

Space Command has been a wonderful project to follow, and if this all sounds great to you too, there are 6 hours left to back the second movie, so hurry! I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do, if not more. 🙂

Update: The Kickstarter for the second movie is over, but you can always donate on the main site, and I’m sure there will be another Kickstarter for the next movie.