Reviving Splash Panel Reviews

Quite a long time ago, I joined up with Khaled Abou Alfa (who is now bringing his considerable skills to Moon Racket!) to share reviews of graphic novels on Splash Panel. I contributed eleven reviews overall, but it’s been quite some time indeed, and the site is now just a parked domain, after passing hands between a splog or two.

I thought the reviews were gone for good, besides those stored by the Internet Archive of course, but while cleaning out my backup drive today, I stumbled across backups of all my old reviews!

I have been thinking of some new content for my blog here, and I think I’ll start by polishing and re-publishing those old reviews. Unfortunately, I donated most of the eleven graphic novels to various people/places over time, so I’ll have to figure out what to do about those pre-HiDPI scans in a post-HiDPI world, but I’ll take my time and republish them as best I can.

Why am I writing this first? Well, it will give me something to link on all of the re-published reviews, and it will pretty much force me to actually follow through with this plan. 😉