Automattic Meetup 2014

This year, the Automattic company meetup was in Park City, Utah. We are a globally distributed company with almost 300 employees, so we pretty much have to get together annually to see faces, hear voices, and build great things. We’re putting the finishing touches on many of the things we build last week, so keep your eyes on the Blog for announcements. Some are actually already live now on, but since they haven’t been officially announced yet, I won’t spoil the surprise. 😉

Here are a few more photos from the meetup. The majority are a from a short hike on the mountain high above our hotel.

Now that you’ve seen all of this, make sure that you apply, and maybe we’ll see you here with us next year!

Photo by Stephen Blythe
Photo by Stephen Blythe

4 responses to “Automattic Meetup 2014”

  1. Park City, UT is beautiful. I live just a little under 10 miles away but I’ve only been living here for about 7 or 8 months. It’s cool that your company has these meetups!