Net Neutrality

The internet today is a battleground between the internet service providers who want to charge more for faster access to certain sites and the lawmakers who want to make sure everyone has equal access. I could spend several paragraphs describing to you how your internet service provider (who already charges you for fast internet access) wants to charge more for guaranteed fast access to certain sites, like YouTube and Wikipedia, or how lawmakers against Net Neutrality are being financially backed by the internet service providers themselves, but no explanation will even come close to this from John Oliver.

If you watch any video today, make this 13-minute video it, and then join the battle for Net Neutrality.

5 responses

  1. Put the real annoying support the net thing that made available (I like yours much better) on my site

    Signed a couple of petitions, emailed the FCC & my reps. So did at least a token bit

    thanks for the video

    1. That’s more than a token bit. Spreading the word and contacting the FCC and reps are the soul of this campaign. Thanks! 🙂

      1. You be welcome – if we all pitch in a bit maybe things will get better

        1. It looks like we did make an impact yesterday, so now we keep on fighting until Net Neutrality wins.

          1. Those are nice numbers & several other sites were having make a call efforts also – also keep in mind that a call or something is the tip of the iceberg – I want to say that something like only 1/10 th or less actually call on an issue – some real small number of people actually make a call

            Good for everyone that made the effort to speak out