RIP, Robin Williams

Robin Williams, renowned actor, comedian, and so much more, passed away yesterday. I can’t think of a single actor that I have seen in more films throughout my life, from his hilarious and whimsical performance as the Genie in Aladdin to his brilliant and terrifying performance as Sy in One Hour Photo. To suggest that he did not have an impact on my life through this wealth of artistic output would be ridiculous, and for that, I will indeed miss him.

You can see two collections of some of Robin Williams’s best scenes rounded up at The Verge and Quartz. Below is his pivotal “What will your verse be?” scene from Dead Poets Society, and in honor of his life and legacy, I ask, what will your verse be?

One response

  1. Faith without works is dead, but works without faith is just showing off. What good are all the Boy Scouts good deeds in the end? What good is all the money given to all the worthy causes in the world in the end? What good is good without love to go with it? What better love could there be to go with works than the love of the author of love, the one who is defined as love. Not wimpy, mamby pamby love, but the good love which moves us to act in love for others people because we love the one who loves us first. I am talking about the strong love which makes the impossible possible. How are we to connect with the author of love with out faith? For”faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). Faith makes unselfish love, and unselfish works possible.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my verse. Robin Williams was an incredible talent who could do so many extraordinary things. I am thankful that in spite of what so many others think and believe Jesus Christ alone knows what happened to Robin Williams in that room, and God’s love is strong enough, and great enough to handle Robin Williams with the same love and grace Mr. Williams showed to so many others.