Month: April 2014

  • Batman 75th Anniversary (Part 2)

    Following the first animated short from Batman’s 75th Anniversary, the second animated short features a much older Bruce Wayne and his younger protégé Terry McGinnis (from the Batman Beyond series) as they face off against a surprisingly nostalgic cast. Can you identify all of their assailants?

  • Earth Day, 2014

    Earth Day is today! It is once again time to at least start saving the environment for free and to donate to a great charity, like The Conservation Fund. If you want to know why I prefer The Conservation Fund, read this. Want to do even more to save the environment? Start at home with this list of…

  • Batman 75th Anniversary

    Unlike my earlier post, where I was late for Superman’s 75th Anniversary, we are just in time for Batman’s 75th Anniversary. To celebrate, DC Entertainment produced Batman: Strange Days, an animated short featuring Bob Kane’s original Batman design.

  • Superman 75th Anniversary (a bit late)

    I know that I’m a bit late in posting this animated short for Superman’s 75th anniversary, but it’s an amazing bit of nostalgia that I simply couldn’t pass up.

  • Heartbleed Security Update

    In short, you’re safe at, but occasionally changing your passwords and always using a strong password are great practices to follow.