Sicilian Burger and Oreo Shake


Sicilian burger and Oreo shake at Bricks, a new fast food place in Santa Clarita, California. Yeah, you read that right, this is fast food in Santa Clarita. Deal with it.

4 responses to “Sicilian Burger and Oreo Shake”

  1. OK – if you say so – looks to me like the Food Network & Robert Irvin strike again. What ever happened to a plain burger, a bit of garnish & fries with a Chocolate or Vanilla Shake?

    Guess I am showing my age here

      • I did look at the menu 🙂 – But most of the items seemed to have the Food Network treatment – but then my tastes are sort of simpleton – I assume you liked your burger or you would not have posted a picture of it.

        I did a test Post of my feet in bed by the way using the Android App & the quick picture option (OK – so it was late over Christmas break and I was bored) – but it did work quick except for my typing on the Android