Month: January 2014

  • Los Angeles at Sunset

    Los Angeles, from the Griffith Observatory.

  • Product Placement in Syndication

    I have always been a proponent of product placement. It doesn’t interrupt a show like commercials do, and if done tastefully, it serves to further ground the story in reality. What’s more real to you, a lead character drinking a Coke or a “Cola,” or a family a stopping for food at a Subway or…

  • Aldabra Giant Tortoise

    An Aldabra Giant Tortoise at the Los Angeles Zoo.

  • Cloudup: Free File Sharing from Automattic

    Last year, Automattic made two amazing acquisitions, and one of those was Cloudup, an incredible file sharing solution with a variety of unique features that really let it step out and shine as a must-have tool. At its most basic, Cloudup allows you to quickly upload files and provide a simple URL to view them,…

  • 2013: A Year in Review

    2013 was a huge year for, so let’s plan on an even bigger 2014! 🙂