Month: October 2013

  • WordPress 3.7 Released

      WordPress 3.7 has been released. I know I’m getting to this a bit late, especially since over half a million of you have downloaded it so far, but I feel a need to point out why WordPress 3.7 is so awesome. WordPress 3.7 includes a ridiculous amount of under-the-hood things which might go unnoticed,…

  • I Don’t Use Ad Blockers

    I don’t use ad blockers, because there are some sites I rely on or enjoy reading, and those sites rely on ads to stay in business (servers are expensive, the staff needs to eat, etc). If they offer a paid option to remove ads, I pay it. If not, I want them to stay in…

  • Automattic Meetup 2013

    Automattic is a globally distributed company with over 200 employees, so it’s nice to get together once a year as a company to build great things. This year, we gathered in San Francisco and later migrated down to Santa Cruz. That may sound odd to many of you, so I highly recommend this book. Many of…

  • Fire Dancer

    Last night, we ended the Automattic company meetup with fire dancing, because why not? I’ll have more photos to share when I get home. This is just a friendly reminder that we are hiring.

  • Fog Burning Away

    The morning fog is burning away on the last day of the Automattic meetup in Santa Cruz, California. You could be here with us too. All you have to do is apply.