New Theme with Larger Text

I was previously using Superhero on this blog. I really liked the design, and I had customized it quite a bit. Well, call me crazy, but I’m really starting to like large, readable text. I wear glasses, and I can see quite well, but I really enjoy reading when I can comfortably lean back in my chair and read what’s on the screen without squinting or leaning forward. While I loved what I made under Superhero, I was never happy with the text size, and the design itself just looked odd with the text boosted to comfortable levels.

Ryu is a gorgeous, minimalistic, and simply huge theme. I really hope that you can lean back and comfortably read this, because I sure can. Besides simply being designed for large text, Ryu is a single-column theme, so you have no distractions off to the side. As a blogger, I love sidebars. As a reader, not so much, so I decided that it was finally time to let go of the sidebar. Instead, you can find my widgets tucked away in Ryu’s super-handy top navigation panel. Plus, Ryu does this rather fascinating trick with the background colors of image posts, which are automatically selected to complement the image. Go ahead, check out my image posts, but please come back.

When I say Ryu, most of you are probably thinking of Ryu from Street Fighter. Well, this theme has nothing to do with that, so to celebrate the new theme, here’s Guile’s theme covered by Smooth McGroove, because Guile’s theme goes with everything.

2 responses

  1. Ryu is attractive and clutter-free. When it was first introduced I loved everything about it except what I referred to as the poster sized font. However, time has passed. I wear glasses too and my opinion on the font size is slowly changing as I experience it on more blogs I follow like this one. Ryu is smooth – no doubt about it.

    1. I definitely had the same thought when Ryu was released, but time (and eyes) change, and it’s sure nice to not have to squint at comments anymore. 🙂