Month: August 2013

  • The Shadow on Spotify

    I’m a fan of The Shadow. I listen to the radio shows, I saw both the 1994 film and older films, I read the current comics, and I even have a nicely detailed figure on my desk (who sometimes battles other figures, but you know how that is). I have recently become a fan of…

  • Pittock Mansion

    Here are some photos from Pittock Mansion, which I took on my first day at the Portland meetup. You can find the rest under my pdxmeetup2013 tag.

  • Fountain in Portland

    The fountain near our hotel in Portland.

  • YouCanHas Cheeseburger

    Yes, that is a cheeseburger between two grilled cheese sandwiches. From Brunch Box in Portland.

  • Willamette River

    The Willamette River near our hotel in Portland.