RWBY: Anime Beauty and the Beast?

The third trailer for RWBY is out, this time focussing on the character Black.

The rumor of RWBY being an anime-style treatment of popular fairy tales doesn’t seem to carry as much weight with Black as it did with Red, who really seemed like Red Riding Hood given the red hood and the fact that she was fighting wolves. Even White had a significant nod towards Snow White with the fixation on mirrors in the trailer’s lyrics. With Black, I’m really reaching with my assumption that Black is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. While we don’t know Black’s name for sure, scattered mentions refer to her as Blake Belladonna, which certainly seems to come close to Belle. She also refers to her companion as Adam, which is the name of the Beast in Disney’s adaptation.

Though the fairy tale connection has been declining rapidly since Red’s trailer, I’m still looking forward to this.

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