Month: January 2013

  • Paperman: New Disney Animated Short

    So, apparently Disney still produces gorgeous things like Paperman, an animated short which has been nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 85th Academy Awards. The short film employs a new technique of layering the 2D hand-drawn animation on top of CGI, and it really brings back memories of the days when Disney produced…

  • Coworking with Bryan

    Coworking and coffee with Bryan.

  • String Theory in Claremont

    String Theory Quartet live at the Jazz Patio in Claremont, California.

  • J. J. Abrams to Direct Star Wars 7

    In case there was any doubt after the onslaught of rumors, J. J. Abrams has been officially announced as the director of Star Wars 7. This is rather intriguing news for me, as I grew up in a time where obsession over Star Wars vs. Star Trek was pretty much a blood feud. You could not…

  • The Shadow vs. The Green Hornet (without Kato), who would win?