My gaming progression: NES -> SNES -> N64 -> Wii -> Xbox 360 -> Wii U. Yeah, I think I’ll stick with Nintendo.

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  1. After the Xbox 360, looks like it’s more of a regression. 🙂

    1. Graphics and overall power, yes. However, after the Xbox 360, I realized that I enjoyed the type of games from the Nintendo crowd far more than what I was playing on the Xbox, and gameplay wins out over graphics any day.

      It’s worth noting too that the Wii U does have the Xbox 360 thoroughly beat in the OS department. For just a few weeks after launch, the OS is ridiculously polished and intuitive, and the Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Instant Video apps work far better (less bugs, better interface, quicker response) in their first release on the Wii U than they did after several updates on the Xbox 360.

      There certainly are tradeoffs, but gameplay and polish are why I stuck with Nintendo all those years, and they’re why I went back now. 🙂

      P.S. For those wondering, the new GamePad control is both amazing and innovative in some games, and ridiculous and simply odd in others. I imagine there’s some growing involved before developers know what to do with it.

  2. Mine is C64 -> SNES -> PC -> motion sickness 😉

    1. Motion Sickness, my favorite gaming platform! “Aim for the Moving Bucket” is an underused game type.

      1. So so true. You spew truth.