New Theme: Timepiece

I have switched themes yet again here at This time, I’m using Timepiece, the latest theme from Joen Asmussen.

Joen is quite simply one of my favorite theme designers, and I’m also thrilled to call him a co-worker here at Automattic. You may recall that used Fauna, Joen’s first publicly released theme, years ago for quite some time. I even released Frost, my first and only ever child theme for Fauna, way back in 2007. After a long run with Frost, I had the pleasure of beta testing a fantastic theme from Joen that was unfortunately never released. I’m not sure how much I can say about that theme, but I will say that everything was a widget, literally every single thing was a drag-and-drop widget. The theme was incredibly customizable.

Now, I’m on Timepiece, another great theme from Joen. Timepiece was conceived out of a project from our company’s San Diego Meetup, during which Joen and his team were tasked with creating a theme that emulated a timeline-style flow of events (think Twitter and Facebook), complemented by Infinite Scroll, of course. After a week of hard work, Timepiece tackles that concept in style. So, with a few font, color, and CSS tweaks via Custom Design to make this at least a bit unique, Timepiece is now live on

Currently, Timepiece is only available for blogs, but bloggers should be able to find it in the Theme Directory soon.

I have really been looking forward to switching to a more timeline-style theme, especially now that I’m molding my blog into my main social media hub for a variety of reasons, and I feel that Timepiece fills that need quite nicely. As a bonus, if you’re looking to transform your blog into your social media hub too, you’ll be happy to know that Publicize now sends a post excerpt for any untitled post to Twitter and other connections along with the link to your post, so you can practically Tweet from your blog now!

I may still be poking around with a few things, but I’m pretty much settled on the overall look as it is now. As always, if you see anything out-of-place here, please let me know!

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  1. It’s been a pleasure working with you on themes for the past couple of years, James.

    1. Sir, the pleasure has been all mine! 🙂

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