Election Day

Depending on your time zone, election day (November 6, 2012) is either here or fast approaching, which means that it’s time to vote. Make no mistake about it, this is an important election and the polls are still close.

If you haven’t already voted, don’t stay home today. Your vote does matter. Visit your polling place to vote or drop off your mail ballot if you forgot to mail it.

As always, please research each candidate so that you can make an educated, logical, and unemotional decision. Choose the candidate who has the best chance of giving you your ideal America.

2 responses

  1. Following the american election circus is quite fun. The best about your process is that You have no idea about “how much better it can be”. /Stay Healthy

    1. That is definitely true. Sure, the candidates have plans for the next four years, but they don’t even know what those four years will actually bring them.