The Hobbit: Post-Production

I have often referred to post-production as the unsung heroes of filmmaking, and this little behind the scenes bit from The Hobbit just reinforces that.

It’s hard to imagine just how many hours go into the film once the cameras are off. Sure, there’s always editing, but don’t forget about the sound design, music, effects, and the plethora of revisions. All of these elements and years of work combine to form the singular polished vision that you enjoy for an average of two hours.

Your Blogging App is There for You

With the recent news about Twitter strictly enforcing token (user) limits against third-party clients, it’s important to remember that your blog still loves you.

When you post to your blog, the content is still your property, and you can use any blogging app without fear of artificial user limits or high prices due to limiting and confrontational business policies. Plus, most blogging platforms provide some way to automatically share your new posts on Twitter and other social networks, like Publicize for blogs and Jetpack for blogs.

In the world of mobile usage, I’m particularly fond of our mobile apps. If you’re looking for a third-party mobile app, I have heard great things about Poster, but haven’t tried it myself yet. All WordPress apps use the open XML-RPC protocol, which will never be closed or limited.

If you don’t have a blog yet, and don’t know where to turn to in this era of social networking turmoil, open a free blog today. If you want just a bit more control and don’t mind a few more responsibilities, try instead.

If you have a blog, it will remain online and your property as long as we’re still in business, and you can export your blog’s content at any time. If you have a blog, it will remain online and your property as long as you can keep it running. For both and users, our mobile apps will always be available free of charge.

I know that your blog and blogging app will never truly be a replacement for a Twitter client, but they do allow you to reach your audience (even via Twitter) without compromising content ownership, app usage, or other limiting policies.