Automattic in San Diego

A week ago, I made it back home from my second Automattic meetup, this time in San Diego. Once again, we had a whole week to meet almost everyone (which is refreshing since we’re globally distributed), work on some awesome upcoming features (mostly for, and engage in some local adventures. I won’t spoil any of the upcoming new features, as they’ll be announced on the blog when ready, but you might actually see some in action if you have a keen eye.

I’d rather not spend time explaining why we do meetups and what goes into such a thing, since Toni (our CEO) has already done an amazing job, though I did snap some photos while I was there. I know, it’s a lot less than I usually have, but you can see more photos from Andrew, Anthony, Chelsea, Danilo, Erica, Gary, JackieJoachim, Joen, Jorge, Matt, and Stephane.

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  1. I really have to upload my photos somewhere … Thanks for linking to so many!

    1. You’re welcome! Let me know if I’m missing anyone. 🙂

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