Core Happiness in Amsterdam

Last week, the Core Happiness Engineers of gathered for a week of work, introductions, and sightseeing in Amsterdam. In case you don’t know, Automattic is a globally distributed company and all but a few of us work from home, so it’s nice to get some face-to-face time a few weeks each year and to knock out a few projects that would otherwise take months of back-and-forth text chatter.

We made several improvements to tools on our end, so you won’t see much offhand, but you will notice much quicker support responses in the days to come. Also, you should notice some improvements to the signup process and the main support page in the near future.

Throughout the trip, I did manage to snap a few photos, and you can see more from my amsmeetup2012 tag, Andrew, Bryan, EricaJackie, KarenMatt, and Nick.