If you want to see something fresh and original in the land of Sci-Fi, see Tether. Tether is the product of independent film makers Corridor Digital, and its quality already challenges some of the shows on TV these days.

Not only are the visuals top-notch, but the structure of the story so far is very engaging. You’re left in a barren world following what is basically a collections team on what seems to be the overall plot of the series, but just about half way in, you realize there is far more going on. This has to be my favorite part of the short film, and it shows a sense of plot understanding that many major studios have forgotten lately. Just about 6 minutes in, you have a very comfortable understanding of the characters and setting, and then you are hit and hooked with one heck of mystery.

So far, the future of Tether is uncertain, but I’m eager to see part 2, and would gladly throw money at the screen to make this happen. Consider me hooked!

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  1. Just been rooting around your site – must tell you, you’re an interesting chap! Lot’s things in here, right up my alley! Sort of like…anyway, not easy to find blogs like this that have some sense to them! Right, enough!