The Internet is Going Dark

One by one, sites across the whole internet are going dark in protest of two US Bills, PIPA and SOPA, which will essentially give the US entertainment industry the power to censor entire websites, remove them from search engines, and cripple their revenue for hosting copyrighted content (even the music playing in the background of your latest vacation video) or just not doing a good enough of job at blocking copyrighted content (say goodbye to YouTube). If you think that’s good for us, ask yourself what “a good enough of job at blocking copyrighted content” means to you, then ask if you think a judge would feel the same way. Can’t guarantee an answer? That’s the problem with PIPA and SOPA. They put the wrong power in the wrong hands.

This blog will be going dark along with many other sites from 8am to 8pm EST in what should hopefully be a powerful representation of what the future of the censored web could look like. If you want a taste now, head on over to Wikipedia,, or

Take a minute to tell Congress that you won’t stand for such ridiculous actions. There are better ways to stop piracy than censoring one of the largest venues to freedom of speech that the world has ever known. If you have a blog, you can easily join the protest, and self-hosted bloggers can grab a plugin to join in as well.

If you want to know more about PIPA and SOPA, watch the video below.

2 responses

  1. This law only serves to control information, manipulate people and censor the net!! We must stop SOPA

    Sorry my poor english

    1. Fortunately, we did, at least for now.