The State vs. Thomas Light

So, last night I was doing research into bands that perform in character and stumbled across The Protomen. Long story short, I found my new favorite group.

To quote lead vocalist Panther, “At the time, we noticed a void in rock and roll. A hole that could only really be filled with grown men and women painting up like robots and playing some fierce and furious rock music based on a 1980s video game. We were fairly certain no one else was going to fill that hole. But, by god, it’s filled now. You can thank us later.”

Basically, they do rock operas based on the Mega Man series. Their style is very diverse, but somehow seems to meet every style that I like. This is The State vs. Thomas Light from Act 2: The Father of Death, which chronicles Dr. Wily’s rise to power. Excerpts from their latest album and a free download can be found at their site, and it can be purchased from iTunes and Amazon.