Month: September 2011

  • Yoda Remixed (Feel the Force)

    From the creator of the Symphony of Science comes this rather entertaining Yoda remix. Who would have know that Yoda was so musical?

  • A Slight Design Tweak

    After spending several months with Twenty Eleven’s awesome out-of-the-box looks, I finally decided to drop in a few tweaks. What you see before you now is almost entirely the result of Twenty Eleven’s built-in theme options, with absolutely no CSS work, and a few custom fonts. With the built-in options, I set the background and…

  • New Death Star Attack Sequence

    The new Death Star attack sequence from Star Wars: A New Hope has been revealed at last! No, of course that wasn’t from the upcoming Blu-Ray release, but can you blame me? As I mentioned before, if George Lucas keeps tweaking things every few years, I’d rather see Malcolm Sutherland re-imagine the entire series.

  • San Francisco Road Trip

    After having so much fun at WordCamp San Francisco, my wife and I decided to head out on a road trip back up to San Francisco, California. Along the way to San Francisco, we stopped for hiking in Aptos, our main hotel in Burlingame (right across the bay from SFO for some great airplane shots), Golden…

  • Solvang

    Well, Solvang used to be a historically preserved Danish town in California. Now, it’s basically an outdoor shopping mall. Here’s a windmill.