Happiness Engineers in St. Louis

Much like we did in Vienna, my fellow Happiness Engineers and I (plus a few awesome special guests) got together in St. Louis, Missouri earlier this month to get to know one another beyond the boundaries of chat screens and to build things to improve the WordPress.com support experience that just can’t be done over email.

There was quite a bit of work to be done, and you should start seeing the results of this soon. In fact, some of you may be seeing it already. Of course, one can’t work all day long, and the evenings were routinely filled with awesomeness. Of particular note were the two Cardinals games, a trip to the amazing City Museum (which resulted in an impromptu Slasher-esque mystery as members of the group were lost in the caverns one by one), a free-play pinball arcade, and an outstanding meal and Rock Band party at the house of fellow Happiness Engineer, Mr. Ryan Markel.

Of course, I can’t neglect to mention the rather fascinating coincidence which resulted in a Genius Bar staffed entirely with Happiness Engineers at WordCamp St. Louis. It was loads of fun, and a pity that we can’t do it for every WordCamp.

I’m sorry to say that my camera was pretty much on its last leg this trip, but I do have a few semi-decent photos to share. For more photos and fun, check out my stlmeetup2011 tag, and these posts from Lori McLeese and Andrew Spittle.

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