WordPress for iOS and Android Updated

WordPress for Android 1.3.9 was released recently with some nice bug fixes, a new sharing feature, and a volunteer-submitted QuickPress shortcut.

WordPress for iOS 2.6.5 was released a few days ago with another large helping of bug fixes. Over 30 issues were correct, “including correct image scaling for Original Size images and a number of fixes around Pages.”

Both the Android app team and the iOS app team are asking for volunteers to pitch in when they can, so don’t be shy about submitting bug fixes and new features.

Grandparents’ 50th Anniversary Documentary

As promised after yesterday’s tongue-in-cheek trailer, here’s a brief documentary that I assembled to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of William Huff and Verna Huff, my paternal Grandfather and late Grandmother.

Sorry about the video quality. This was shot on a state of the art camera and assembled with the latest iMovie, but that was eight years ago.

Overall, I was glad that I got a chance to film this, because it’s a memory that I’ll be able to keep for a long time. They certainly had a wonderful life together.