Don’t Stop Believin’

This needs no introduction, but if it did I’d introduce it as Journey’s 1981 hit, Don’t Stop Believin’.

Don’t Stop Believin’ is available on variety of Journey albums, including “Journey: Greatest Hits,” available from record stores, iTunes, and Amazon.

New Magic Mouse

Continuing the trend of new gadgets, is Apple’s Magic Mouse, my first mouse in I don’t know how long.

I had been a fan of trackballs since pretty much the day I started using a computer, because I thought they were more ergonomic than mice. In short-term usage, that’s actually still correct, but it turns out that your wrist shouldn’t be locked in the same position for an 8-hour work day, which is exactly what a trackball does. On the suggestion of fellow Happiness Engineer, Michael Koenig, I dug out the mouse that was included with my iMac. Within a day, my wrist pain disappeared, and now I’m a happy mouse user.

So, I figured, why not get the best mouse to celebrate my new found fondness of mice? I quickly picked up a Magic Mouse, and it’s great! The laser-tracking is super-accurate, the bluetooth connectivity is definitely a plus, and the multi-touch surface is amazing!

If you’re in need of a new mouse, get this one, or at least ask to try it at your local Apple Store.

New MacBook Air

Have I mentioned yet that I work for an amazing company? Today, I was lucky enough to receive a shiny new 13″ MacBook Air to serve as a trusty secondary computer.

Now, my iMac won’t have to bear all of the day’s work, and my work will no longer be tied to my desk (or even the house for that matter). Plus, I can only imagine how difficult it would have been to lug the iMac around to all of the company functions.

It’s amazing how far laptops have come. The first laptop I ever held was a PowerBook 150, which was about the size and weight of an average college text-book. Now, the MacBook Air that I’m typing this very post on is thinner and weighs less than most magazines.

Clean Desk

Today marks the first day that my desk has been clean since the day we moved, so I figured I’d share a photo of this monumental occasion.

To the left is the Automattic holiday card that serves as inspiration through the work day, my iMac obviously dominates the center of the desk, and my trusty sonic screwdriver is to the right should I find myself in any impossible situations.

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